collaboration with Dasha Goffman

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date of creation:
oct 2019

Gallery “Elektromuzei”, Moscow, 2020;

Urban Soundscape Research Project.
In the era of the Digitocene, the spread of electromagnetic waves becomes massive and more comprehensive. The Orthodox Church, as an institution, is the custodian of traditional values and does not recommend the use of any mobile devices inside the church. Is the Temple becoming a place where using of wearable devices and propagation of electromagnetic waves is limited?

After discussing the idea of ​​the project, we turned to the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God (Vladivostok) with a request for permission to conduct a research study with photo and video recording during the Sunday religious service. Having received permission from the Abbot, Father Oleg, on Sunday, October 27 2019, we had checked electromagnetic waves in the church with documentation of the process. At the same time, we made every effort not to interfere the parishioners to pray. Samples were created from the audio material obtained during the field research using the Audacity program. To preserve the specificity and originality of the sound, no special effects were applied during processing. Audio samples are collected in the Reaper program.

Project was produced on “Digital sound and Field processing” intensive at “–Da.Digital art”
Master Program FEFU with tutor Boris Shershenkov.

fieldprocessing | soundart | urban