Endowment fund Perm State University (landing page)

work title:
PSU Endowment fund
* in collaboration with Endowment team

date of creation:
may 2019

How to unite fresh identity & team’energy to boost up donations and promote fundrising campaigns? I made a new web-site to reach that goals.

Determination of the NGO goals *:
The endowment is a tool of direct support for specific projects. There are only two sources that facilitate the growth of the PSU Endowment fund: donations and income reinvestment. By forcing donations from PSU Alumni and University friends, Fund will increase its reinvestment income, and, as a result, will continue to support its projects and also will have an opportunity to experiment with something new. So, my main goal was to simplify donation process for everyone – with payment form for individuals and full bank account’ info for corporates.

Prototyping main page section & user flow *:
Firstly, we think about how to translate user to fundraiser. The university is constantly changing. And we need to show what the University is [about section].

Secondly, the easiest way to donate is make an online donation: for this reason we have implemented payment form with some options (quantity, one-time or recurrent etc) [donation form section]. After that, information about projects and how they are going on should be provided [projects & journal section].

For corporate partners there is an option to donate via traditional bank transfer [full bank account information section].

Design & Prototyping tools:




Open Sans

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H2 / 75

H3 / 68

H4 / 30

H5 / 15

p / 18