COEXIST (AV installation)

current status: ready for expo

artwork title:

date of creation:
july 2021

“Nekogda” online exposition,
Vladivostok, 2021

Vladivostok, june 2021 // Camera & video edit: Kirill Kashin

Actually, plants could speak, but people didn’t find a method to understand it yet”.

«COEXIST» investigates the principles of receiving-processing-transmitting signals in a multi-agent system.


The author create a multi-agent system with plant and algorithms to automate process of audio & video content creation.
Installation creation can be divided into three stages:

  • development of a DIY capacitive sensor for receiving data from a plant with its subsequent transfer;
  • algorithm for data processing;
  • generation of sound and video.

At the beginning of the project with a plant-human contacts the simplest signal was received & interpreted it into a primitive noise sound. The current status of production: sound and video are generating without plant-human interactions, plant-algorithm communication provides digital audio & video synthesis. Neural networks generates data & changes rhythm of musical composition.

o_konstantine · 2905 — Peperomia – ML+automatizm

The project was produced on
(1) MA thesis at “–Da. Digital art”
with advisor Sergey Kostyrko & consultant Maria Kuptsova;

2020-2021, “–Da. Digital art” Master Program FEFU.

Last update 09 June 2021