Hortus Permianus

“Hortus Permianus: city gardens in post-anthropocene era ” is a reflection of the expansion of wildlife in the city. What would Perm city look like if artificial intelligence was involved in urban planning based on data from biological systems? Work in progress. More info about project will be publish in spring 2022.


collaboration with Dasha Goffman description:Urban Soundscape Research Project. In the era of the Digitocene, the spread of electromagnetic waves becomes massive and more comprehensive. The Orthodox Church, as an institution, is the custodian of traditional values and does not recommend the use of any mobile devices inside the church. Is the Temple becoming a place where…


Collaboration with Polina Aleshchenko. Hanami project is an aesthetic interpretation of the sakura meditation, within the problems of temporality in ethnic cultures through digital methods. The project uses neural networks with dataset of sakura flowers from Russky Island, traditional Japanese hokku reproduced by the Goolge translator for subsequent translation of the neural network into a new sound maintaining the rhythm of intonations. The project focuses on the value of biodiversity in local cultures and their symbolic interpolation in other countries and regions.