• Plants X Human Capitalism (live performance)

    Plants X Human Capitalism (live performance)

    art work title: Plants X Human Capitalism date of creation: April 2023 expo:X Event, Perm, 2023 description:Sound generation and visual live-coding session as a part of X Event. o_konstantine · Plant X Human Capitalism // X Event code for Hydra jack Video synth

  • Hortus Permianus: Perm post-anthropocene Garden (AV installation) 

    Hortus Permianus: Perm post-anthropocene Garden (AV installation) 

    art work title: Hortus Permianus: Perm post-anthropocene Garden   date of creation: june 2021 – june 2022 expo:Museum of Contemporary Art “PERMM” , Perm, Russia, 2022 Materials & Techniques: Field recordings, microscopy of plants from the valley of small rivers and the Sad soloviev (the mouth of the Ilyinka River, Perm), Chernyaevsky Forest (Perm); satellite images of the city…

  • Permian Garden (live performance)

    Permian Garden (live performance)

    collaboration with Sonia Killmann (video mapping) art work title: Permian Garden date of creation: february 2022 expo:Ural Branch of National Center for Contemporary Art (Ural NCCA), Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2022 o_konstantine · Permian Garden description:“Permian Garden” is an audio-visual live performance, which was held on 19.02.2022 on “Voice of the Urals” at the Ural branch of the National…

  • Reflekcia (AV installation)

    Reflekcia (AV installation)

    art work title: Reflekcia date of creation: december 2021 expo:Museum of Contemporary Art “PERMM”, Perm, 2022 description: The work is based on the research of the wave characteristics of light and sound.Electromagnetic waves appear to the observer as light, and mechanical vibrations – as sound. Light and sound mutually influencing each other by feedback. Visual…

  • Pine Drone (sound installation)

    Pine Drone (sound installation)

    collaboration with Sergey Kostyrko & Maria Kuptsova description: Pine Drone is a cyborganic sound installation for the Crypt0rave “Think like a forest” Festival in St-Petersburg, inJuly 2021. It explores the possibility of using hybrid multi-agent systems, consisting of both artificial and biological agents, to create algorithmic auditory compositions. One of the distinctive features of living tissue is the ability to…

  • COEXIST (AV installation)

    COEXIST (AV installation)

    «COEXIST» investigates the principles of receiving-processing-transmitting signals in a multi-agent system. The author create a multi-agent system with plant and algorithms to automate process of audio & video content creation.

  • C.O.P.S # 1, 2 (Mold / AI graphic)

    C.O.P.S # 1, 2 (Mold / AI graphic)

    The project continues the research on biological systems using algorithmic analysis methods. The variety of fungal colonies becomes a dataset for a neural network.

  • Hanami (AV installation)

    Hanami (AV installation)

    Collaboration with Polina Aleshchenko. Hanami project is an aesthetic interpretation of the sakura meditation, within the problems of temporality in ethnic cultures through digital methods. The project uses neural networks with dataset of sakura flowers from Russky Island, traditional Japanese hokku reproduced by the Goolge translator for subsequent translation of the neural network into a new sound maintaining the rhythm of intonations. The project focuses on the value of biodiversity in local cultures and their symbolic interpolation in other countries and regions.

  • Da.Vid (projection)

    Da.Vid (projection)

    Da.Vid is an interactive video installation, which consists of a plaster bust of David and mapped projection of the eyes (onto pupils of statue). There is a webcam next to the bust, it tracks the movement of the viewer. Mapped eyes moved to viewer.