Reflekcia (AV installation)

artwork title


date of creation

december, 2021


Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm, Russia, 2022


The work is based on the research of the wave characteristics of light and sound.
Electromagnetic waves appear to the observer as light, and mechanical vibrations – as sound. Light and sound mutually influencing each other by feedback. Visual changes in saturation and brightness produce changes in the tone and duration of the sound.

At the same time, the environment is also liable to transformations: from a monopoly of absolute black to a multitude of gradient overflows. The artist proposes to think about changes as a natural state of the physical world: on the one hand, objects become different at each moment of time, on the other hand, the environment itself changes in the course of the development of its objects.

Project “Reflekcia” is a pop-up project at “Invisible Light” exhibition by Petya Stabrovski at “PERMM”.
“Reflekcia” is open from 25.01.2022 till 06.02.2022.